Be Still….and Know

This advice is found in Psalm 46:10. “Be still and know that I am God.” Like so much advice found in that holy book it resonates through ages, literature and down into our souls with the realization that we must first Be Still to Know.


Now it may be the spiritual understanding of I Am that we are searching for in the stillness. The knowledge that I Am the God that heals, or I Am the God that is with you. Maybe we are like Job and just want to know I Am the author and finisher. The One who was here first and will be here at the last. And in that knowledge, like Job, there comes a peace in our faith. That it’s not useless after all.

Spiritual awareness is really the first step in the stillness though. In the novel Pride and Prejudice; Elizabeth Bennett says to her sister Jane “In that moment I did not know myself.” The stillness allowed her an insight into herself and her willful misunderstanding and  mistakes come to her in sharp relief. Maybe we need that knowledge to come to us. Maybe there are mistakes and misunderstandings that we need to make right. Maybe they are not major, life altering blunders. Like Elizabeth, they might not change our character, but they will allow us to treat everyone with the same amount of character. To see through our own misconceptions and hurts and see others instead.

It may be a reminder to ourselves that we must find in the stillness. I know therefore I am. I know that in the past I made it through a hard time therefore I am strong of character. I know that in the past I came to a creative solution therefore I am a problem solver. I know in the past I overcame obstacles therefore I am able.

The interesting thing about Being Still to Know is that it will come with a call to action. To use our newfound spiritual awareness to share and impart that knowledge into our circle of influence. We must own up to our mistakes, make things right, forgive others and ourselves. We must be able, creative and strong of character again. But in that stillness you will find three little words that will motivate us to carry on.

Courage Dear Heart


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