The Mountains Are Calling…..

I am sure that we have all seen the signs, banners, phone cases, anything that we can slap letters on, with the saying “The mountains are calling and I must go.” Well in my case the Mountains actually do call.

View from the house
The view from my house

You see I live at the base of America’s Mountain in sunny (way too sunny, would love some snow) Colorado. I get asked all of the time (I work as a front desk agent at a local hotel as my pay the bills job) if I get used to our view and take it for granted.





The mountains are way to big to get used to. They are in your sight-line and will not be ignored. But one thing I do tell my guests it that I don’t take advantage of them enough. Which is a shame because who would not want this view.

Mountain View
A 15 minute drive and 45 minute hike. Seriously


Trail Stairs

See you at the trail head.

Trail Head

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